Template of Immediate Resignation Letter

An immediate resignation letter is the one which is written without any prior planning about it, and it is often written in some of the chronic situations such as the illness. We know that every employment company has the policy, that an employee who is planning to resign from his/her job, must notify the employer company by way of the notice before the certain days of the resignation. 

A prior notice about the resignation to the employer is considered to be the formal way of resigning from the concerned company, but sometimes there happens to be such situations when the employee couldn’t be able to serve this prior notice of the resignation to the employer.

In such case like the sudden chronic illness the immediate resignation letter is addressed to resign from the job profile. 

Here is the template of this immediate resignation letter that you can use to write the immediate resignation letter.

This template has some characteristics as we are mentioning below.

  • The template is having the PDF format hence you won’t have to be worried about the compatibility issues.
  • We have also provided the PNG image format for this template. 
  • You can edit this template using the word processing software such as MS Word.

Here we are sharing with you a sample of Template of Immediate Resignation Letter


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